Western Europe

Seasons in Ireland

Ireland is a wonderful world of green meadows, rocky "lunar" landscapes, deep lakes and fast flowing rivers. There is a lot of tundra and sub-tropical greenery, plenty of pubs (its total number in the country is more than 11 thousand!) and perfect environment.

Seasons in England

So called possession on the weather in England has given the birth to numerous amount of proverbs. The importance to be well-informed about the meteorological future is indisputable, especially when it is absolutely difficult to predict.

Seasons in Austria

Austria’s weather conditions are determined by the influence of a temperate climate in southern part of country with transition to continental at the Alpine foothills. Summer is mostly warm, sometimes even hot and rainy and winter is cold and snowy.

Seasons in Belgium

Very much of our first impression about country depends on mood and weather. However Belgium is small and cozy European country in any time of year. Due to high amount of precipitations it even called “Kingdom of Rains”. In September the weather in the country doesn’t quite match its nickname. But for the rest year umbrella will be necessary. And despite the great amount of rain you won’t be able not to love this country from the first look.

Seasons in Germany

In German lands there is a collision of two climate areas. Maritime and continental climate makes significant difference between nature of northern and southern parts of country. Northern part is covered by arable fields. For the needs of agriculture almost all forests of this region were cut down.

Seasons in Holland

Flower fields, windmills, famous Dutch cheese, the art of van Gogh – all these clichés are firmly stuck to "the freest country in Europe" the Kingdom of the Netherlands, located in the Western part of the North sea coast and on several Islands of the Caribbean.

Seasons in France

France's climate is mostly formed under the influence of the Atlantic. This country has four climatic zones: Atlantic, continental, alpine and Mediterranean. Each zone has its own specific variety of flora and fauna.