Seasons in the UK

The UK is located right in the middle of the zone of moderate climate and its weather conditions are almost typical. The country is located on islands so unlike continental moderate climate weather in the UK is wet. This feature is apparent in frequent fogs which are integral feature of image of the country.

Seasons in Scotland

Three sides of Scotland are washed by the seas so the country has moderate oceanic type of climate with high humidity. Weather is much colder than in the rest of Great Britain. Peak of precipitation intensity is at summer and autumn. Most of it falls in northern and mountainous regions. In coasts and southern regions there are frequent storms instead.

Seasons in England

So called possession on the weather in England has given the birth to numerous amount of proverbs. The importance to be well-informed about the meteorological future is indisputable, especially when it is absolutely difficult to predict.

Seasons in Wales

Wales is located on the peninsula in western part of Great Britain Island and lies in the zone of moderate climate but Atlantic winds bring some features of maritime climate. Overall weather is similar to the rest of the island, unless a bit colder. Usually there are no steep shifts of temperature through seasons. Significant difference is observed only between daytime and night.

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The country is located on the British Islands in the Atlantic Ocean and its climate forms under influence of this massive body of water. Significant humidity causes frequent fogs and precipitation. Intensity and frequency of rains and snow rather depends on features of relies than on season. Most of precipitation falls over western portion of the country while eastern is drier.

Nature in the UK

United Kingdom is situated on the range of islands in the Atlantic Ocean. Most of its territory is plain except the Pennines and the Cambrian Mountains with the highest point of the country on Scafell Pike (978 m or 3209 ft.). Coasts of the country are washed by 4 seas and the Atlantic Ocean. Only land border divide British Ireland from Northern Ireland.

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The United Kingdom is located on range of islands in the Atlantic Ocean close to western coast of Europe. The country has temperate maritime climate with plentiful of precipitation distributed over a year. Due to influence of warm oceanic currents climate in the country is warmer than in other localities on same longitude. Southern part is warmer and drier than northern.