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This website is about seasons, climate and weather, with temperature and climate data of every month of the year in different countries of the world.

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SpringSummerAutumn  and  Winter - contain a description of each season.

Every season there is a description - sounds of nature, paintings, poems and quotes.

Countries of the world

EuropeAsiaAfricaAmericaAustralia and Oceania,  as well as  Antarctic.

Countries describe the weather, climate and temperature of each season of the year and month, as well as a list of major holidays in each season.


The publications were created by the authors of our website. Information on the seasons is based on average climatic characteristics for a specific geographic region. Of course, over time, information can be changed. If you find any inaccuracies, please report this by feedback in the contacts section.

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I am the creator and author of this website and its YouTube channel.

I'm from Russia. My big country, as you know, is in the Northern Hemisphere and there are very contrasting seasons.

I like all seasons, in all countries of the world, in all corners of the planet Earth. Whatever the seasons of the year, they are beautiful for everyone in their country and our Earth.

Good helpers help me with the materials. I am very sorry for possible inaccuracies, perhaps in my English grammar. Write me and I will correct!

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