Seasons in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the capital of Netherland it is situated in northwestern part of the country on coast of Ijsselmeer bay where it receives waters of the Amstel River. In addition city is connected with the North Sea and river Rhine via dedicated canals. Amsterdam is called “the Dutch Venice” because of amount of canals in the city.

Seasons in Rotterdam

Rotterdam is second largest city in Netherlands. It is located at the mouth of the Nieuwe Maas River in the South Holland province. In addition it is large mechanical engineering center and the biggest port of Europe and to 2004 was the world’s biggest port.

Nature of the Netherlands

Netherlands is the most populous country in the Europe except some smallest states. It also has dense river net. Most of the country lies on coastal lowlands. Almost half of its territory is lower than sea level. Only in south eastern part of the country there are some higher grounds. Significant portion of territory of the country was added by drying marshes and coastal waters.