Seasons in Austria

Austria’s weather conditions are determined by the influence of a temperate climate in southern part of country with transition to continental at the Alpine foothills. Summer is mostly warm, sometimes even hot and rainy and winter is cold and snowy.

Seasons in Vienna

The Capital of Austria is situated on foot of Alps in northeastern part of the country. Vienna has pronounced moderate continental climate with cold and snowy winters and hot rainy summers. The city also has significant altitude variety. Difference of altitude between the lowest and the highest points is almost 400 m (1312 ft.).

Seasons in Salzburg

In general climate in Salzburg is continental. However closeness of the Alps influences weather conditions of the city. Summers are usually warm and comfortable except bit rainy. Temperature averages of winter and features of precipitation form snow cover. Due to location there is quite significant amount of precipitation especially in summer.

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Climate of Austria is greatly influenced by the Alps. Plain part of the country has moderate climate but in foothills it has certain features. Summers are warm and sometimes even hot and rainy. Winters are cold and snowy. In addition weather varies with altitude. Locations with higher altitude have colder and more humid weather.

Nature of Austria

Austria is located in Central Europe and around 70% of its territory is mountainous. Eastern Alps are divided in several regions within the country. Average elevation is 900 m (2952 ft.) above sea level. Highest point – Grossglockner Mountain with 3798 m (12460 ft.) and the lowest one is Lake Neusiedl elevated on 115 m (377 ft.) a. s. l. There are around 580 lakes in Austria.

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Austria is mountainous country in Central Europe. Up to 70% of its territory is covered by ranges of the Alps. Variety of altitude causes variety of weather conditions. In general the country has temperate climate. Summers are usually warm and dry with averages of 20 °C (68 °F). But the higher the altitude of given location the lower temperature there.