Seasons in Switzerland

In general climate of Switzerland may be considered as temperate. Yet weather conditions of different parts of country vary due to variety of relief. Relatively flat north-western and central regions are under influence of Atlantics. East have alpine climate and habitats of southern parts are enjoying mild subtropical weather.

Nature in Switzerland

Switzerland is the small cozy and exceptionally beautiful county is mountainous central part of the Europe. It is situated between Germany, France, Italy and Austria and has no coasts. Territory of the country is predominantly mountainous. There are several major ranges of Alps in southern and northern parts of the country with long valley between them.

Best Time to Visit Switzerland

Switzerland is rather small country the middle of Alps squeezed in between France, Italy, Austria and Germany. Also it is one of the most beautiful and prosperous countries of the world. More than 70% of its territory is mountainous and the rest is covered with lush forests. Scenery and climate varies greatly, but every part of the country is exceptionally beautiful.