Seasons in Ireland

Ireland is a wonderful world of green meadows, rocky "lunar" landscapes, deep lakes and fast flowing rivers. There is a lot of tundra and sub-tropical greenery, plenty of pubs (its total number in the country is more than 11 thousand!) and perfect environment.

Seasons in Dublin

The capital of Ireland has temperate maritime climate with mild seasons and no rapid changes in temperature. The city is located in on eastern coast of the island. Annual amount of precipitation is lower than in western part of the country and approximately equal to London.

Seasons in Cork

Weather of the Irish Capital of Food is rather similar to climate of the rest of country. Humid and warm air masses from above the North Atlantic Current are brought by western winds. Those air masses are resulting significant precipitation of over 1200 mm (47.2”) per year and narrow range of temperatures.

Irish Nature

Ireland is located on the island of same name to west from Great Britain. The relief of the country is hilly lowlands on lime geological foundation bordered by coastal cliffs. The highest point of Ireland is Carrauntoohil 1038.6 m (3407 ft.) in northern part of the island. About 10% of territory is peat-swamp.

Best Time to Visit Ireland

Ireland is located on island in northern part of the Atlantic Ocean with all implied features of weather. Western coasts of the island are warmed by air masses and waters of the North Atlantic current. But with warmth comes humidity so annual amount of precipitation in western Ireland reaches 1600 (63”) mm while in eastern and central areas there is up 1000 mm (39.7 “).