Seasons in England

So called possession on the weather in England has given the birth to numerous amount of proverbs. The importance to be well-informed about the meteorological future is indisputable, especially when it is absolutely difficult to predict.

Seasons in London

The capital of Great Britain lies within zone of moderate maritime climate which causes high humidity and legendary fogs. Precipitation is almost evenly distributed through a year. And though its amount may seem humongous actual numbers aren’t as big. Annual amount of precipitation in London is about 610 mm (24”).

Seasons in Birmingham

The climate here, as in all of England, is quite mild and humid. Summer is never hot here - the average summer temperature in July (considered the warmest month in the year) is +16 ºC. So you can’t sunbathe here. In winter there is almost no severe frost - the average winter temperature in January, the coldest month of the year, does not drop below +3 °C. The climate is characterized as a moderate sea - yes, it’s unpleasant, but moderately.

Seasons in Liverpool

Hello people! Today well tell you about the weather in Liverpool. For this English city is characterized by a temperate oceanic climate: in summer the city is warm, but not hot, the average temperature in July is from +17 to +20 °С.

Seasons in Manchester

Like most of the United Kingdom Manchester falls under influence of Atlantic currents. The city has temperate oceanic climate with mild season and blurred transitions between them. Manchester is located close to the Pennines and the mountains are interfering flow of air masses resulting higher humidity than in other localities of the country.

Seasons in Sheffield

The city is located close to the eastern side of the Pennines and shares main features of climate with rest of the United Kingdom. Sheffield lies on hilly ground and open to many winds. In addition even at driest month it rains occasionally here. December and January are usually the rainiest months. Snows are rare here and snow cover does not stay for longer than couple of days.