Seasons in France

France's climate is mostly formed under the influence of the Atlantic. This country has four climatic zones: Atlantic, continental, alpine and Mediterranean. Each zone has its own specific variety of flora and fauna.

Seasons in Paris

The capital of France is located on crossing of paths of warm and humid oceanic air masses and cold continental airflows. As a result weather here is mild. Temperature rarely drops below freezing even at coldest months. Precipitation is moderate too. In addition microclimate of the city is influenced by accommodation density and pollution.

Seasons in Lyon

Lyon is one of the largest cities of France. It is located in south-eastern part of the country between the Alps and the Massif Central mountains. However city itself lies on lowlands. Lyon has continental climate with certain features formed under influence of the Mediterranean Sea.

Seasons in Marseille

Marseille is situated on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea with respective weather conditions. Winters are mild and sunny in general though sometimes this time of a year may be cool or even cold with temperature range of several degrees below freezing. Snow is exceptionally rare. Spring has rather stable weather with gradual warming.

Seasons in Nice

Climate in Nice is typical for Mediterranean region unless it is drier here than in other localities. In general it is warm due to protection of surrounding hills and mountains. Even cool mistral winds from north are only improving weather bringing bright sunny days and good conditions for sailing and surfing.

Seasons in Saint-Tropez

Saint-Tropez is another jewel of French Riviera which is located halfway between Marseille and Nice. Climate there is typical for northern coasts of the Mediterranean Sea with couple of features, for instance moderating influence of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez.

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Climate of France varies greatly due to variety of reliefs and different bodies of water. Western regions have pronounced oceanic weather conditions, central and eastern portions of the country are situated within zone of continental climate and southern land lie under Mediterranean weather. Alps and Pyrenees have altitude-related division of weather conditions.

Nature of France

France is the largest country of the European Union. It washed by the Atlantic Ocean in north and the Mediterranean Sea in south. Up to two thirds of territory of France is plain and the rest of it is mountainous. The country also has dense river net however only Seine is navigable.

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France is the biggest country of the Western Europe. It is washed by the Atlantic Ocean, the North and Mediterranean Seas. Due to influence of Atlantic air masses climate is warmer than in other localities of same longitude. Western half of France is plain so there are no obstacles on way of warm air masses from above the Gulf Stream.