Seasons in India

Wise and mysterious India is a country in South Asia on the Indian subcontinent, washed from the south by the Indian Ocean from the west - the Arabian Sea, and from the east - the Bay of Bengal.

Seasons in Delhi

Delhi is the multinational city of India, the second largest after Mumbai. A separate modern district of the city of Delhi - New Delhi is the capital of India.

It is situated in northern part of the country on Indo-Ganetic Plain. The city itself lies on a plain ground. Hills of Delhi Range are going around the city from south to north-west do not influence on weather of the region.

Seasons in Mumbai

Mumbai is the most populated city I India. It is massive port and important cultural center of the country. It is situated on eastern coast of the Arabian Sea at the estuary of Ulhas River. The sea and the river are forming two islands, both occupied by the city. Majority of territory is plain.

Seasons in Bangalore

Bangalore (official name Bengaluru) is the major city in southern India. It is situated in southern part of the Karnataka state. Also it is the third most populated locality and one of the most educated cities in India. Bangalore lies on the Deccan Plateau at elevation of 920 m above sea level.

Seasons in Goa

Goa is the smallest state in India. It is situated in the middle of western coast of the country. Western coastal part of the state is plain. Center lies on a highland plateau while eastern edge of Goa is on foothills of mountains. The region has pronounced subequatorial climate with distinct rain and dry seasons.

Top 3 Resort Locations in India

India is the major country in in South Asia and the second most populated country of the world. It occupies vast subcontinent and is washed by the Indian oceans. It is separated by the Himalayan Mountains from countries that are located to north from India (China, Bhutan, Nepal etc.). Central part of the subcontinent is vast plateau and coastal areas are lower.

Nature of India

India is the biggest country in South Asia by both territory and population. Most of it is situated on Hindustan Peninsula and partially in Asia. It is washed by the Arabian Sea from west and by Bay of Bengal from east.

Best Time to Visit India

India is the country in South Asia. Most of it is situated on the subcontinent of Hindustan. It is washed by the Indian Ocean. It is the seventh largest country of the world and the second most populated. There are the Himalayan Mountains on northern border of the country and several lesser mountain ranges along eastern edge of the subcontinent.

Rainy Season in India

Usually rainy season in India starts in late May. It occurs due to influence of monsoon winds and last until September. In June showers are at full swing. Cities are literally drowning due to amount of rainfall. Showers usually occur at evening or night and might last for couple hours. Rain is accompanied by lightning and thunder.