South Asia

Seasons in Maldives

Maldives are located near to equator so climate here have tropical monsoon type. Therefore there are no seasons in their usual sense. Just two shifts of amount of precipitation and direction of winds. From May to October prevails south-west monsoon which brings windy and rainy weather. Rest of the year is time of north-east monsoon with dry and sunny days.

Seasons in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is the island state. It is located almost on the equator and have tropical monsoon climate. It’s called “land of eternal summer” for reason. Minor shifts of temperature through the year and high humidity create great weather conditions for vacations of all sorts.

Seasons in Bangladesh

The climate in the Republic of Bangladesh inherent tropical with warm and and sunny winter season which lasts from November until February. It's characterized by a short spring - from March to May, and a long season of rains which goes from June to October. About 80% of all these rains are falling from May to mid-October. As a result, rain over the entire Ganga and Brahmaputra valley leads to submergence of wide areas.

Seasons in Bhutan

There is a hot humid sub-tropical climate in the south part of Bhutan. High temperatures there are whole year long. They can vary between 60°F -86°F. In the Central parts of the country it is a little bit cooler. Still it is hot enough during summer but it is much cooler during winters. Level of precipitations is not as high here in winter as at the south part of Bhutan. In northern areas of the country it is cold during the winter. And the higher it is the colder it is in the mountains whole year round.

Seasons in Nepal

The natural zones of Nepal range from subtropical jungles covering the valleys in the South of the country to the tundra zone and eternal glaciers on the peaks of the Himalayas in the North of the country.

Seasons in Pakistan

Even tropical type of climate prevails in Pakistan it still differs a lot at the same period. Weather also is very far to be the same for the whole territory of the country: it is always cold snowy winter in highlands, there is a monsoon-tropical climate in plains but on the North, in mountainous area it’s more humid and cold.

Seasons in India

Wise and mysterious India is a country in South Asia on the Indian subcontinent, washed from the south by the Indian Ocean from the west - the Arabian Sea, and from the east - the Bay of Bengal.

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