Seasons in Denmark

The birthplace of the famous fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen, the most southern of the Scandinavian countries Denmark is a country located on the Jutland Peninsula and adjacent Islands of the Danish archipelago, where there are "the happiest people in the world."

Seasons in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is the largest city and the capital of Denmark. It is located on Zealand Island in the Øresund Strait. The city has plain relief and mild maritime climate with moderate humidity and relatively narrow range of average temperatures. Seasonal changes of weather conditions are smooth yet within given season weather is shifty.

Seasons in Aarhus

Aarhus is the second biggest city of Denmark. It is located on east side of the Jutland peninsula. Climate of the region is considered as temperate oceanic. Dominance of winds from the Atlantic Ocean and the North sea along with higher altitude compering to rest of the country resulting high humidity. Average annual amount of precipitation reach 722 mm (28.4 inches).

5 Best Resorts in Denmark

Denmark is southmost located of Scandinavian countries. It is relatively small and plain land. In fact most of its territory lies lower than 50 m (164ft.) above sea level. It has moderate maritime climate with mild winters and cool summers. Rapid temperature changes are not usual for weather in Denmark unlike slow change of seasons, which is completely common.

Danish Nature

Most of territory of Denmark lies on wavy planes and low steep hills here and there. The highest natural point is on the Møllehøj Mountain that is 170.86 m (561 ft.) tall. On the other hand Yding Skovhøj Mountain is higher by 1.8 m (3.2 ft.) due to Bronze Age burial mount on its summit.

Seasons in Greenland

Greenland actually should be called “Whiteland”. This is the biggest island in the world and 81% its territory is covered with ice. Weather conditions in coastal areas are shifty. Average temperature at July in Qaqortoq is 10 °C (50 °F) and in Nuuk is 8 °C (46 °F). At January there is -8 °C (18 °F) and -11 °C (12 °F) respectively.