Northern Europe

Seasons in Russian Karelia

The Republic of Karelia is located in North-West Russia.

Most of the territory of Karelia is a hilly plain with strongly pronounced traces of glacier activity. Rock firmament on the earth's surface still retains traces of ancient mountains. About half of the Republic is covered with forest (main species are pine and spruce), a quarter of the territory is water surface. In Karelia more than 60 thousand lakes and 27 thousand rivers.

Seasons in Estonia

Roughly climate of Estonia is divided into two half. Eastern is characterized by pronounced continental type of weather conditions and western lies under influence of Baltic Sea. Hence continental part of country is slightly colder. Warmest month of a year is July and coldest one is February. Dull and cloudy weather prevails.

Seasons in Lithuania

You can observe all beautiful seasons in Lithuania with snowy winters, blooming springs, bright summers and golden autumns. There is a humid continental climate in Lithuania. The Baltic Sea with its moderating maritime influences the climate.

Seasons in Latvia

It is relativity the same type of climate in Latvia. Despite the weather is stable for whole the territory much difference may be noticed between the northwest and south areas. The closer it is to Baltic Sea the warmest it is. Atlantic makes huge influence on the country’s weather. Winds mostly come from there bringing with it a lot of amount of precipitation - about 600-800 mm per year.

Seasons in Iceland

Iceland is a region, full of contrasts. It becoming clear when you take a look at its natural views and landscapes: majestic glaciers, active volcanoes, hot wells, waterfalls and mysterious caves, green meadows with lush grass and rivers full of fish.

Seasons in Sweden

She gave us the automotive group Volvo, the legendary group "Abba" and funny "Karlsson on the roof"... Sweden is the largest country in the Scandinavian Peninsula, occupying its southern and Eastern parts, and the Islands of Gotland and öland in the Baltic sea.

Seasons in Finland

Edge of the midnight sun, "the country of thousands of lakes and Islands" Finland is located North-West of Russia, most of it is North of the Arctic circle. Finland is characterized by Maritime climate on the coasts and temperate continental in the country. Because of its proximity to the sea in the spring of the air in coastal areas, cooled, and warmed in the autumn. Than the North and East, the harsher becomes the climate of Finland.

Seasons in Denmark

The birthplace of the famous fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen, the most southern of the Scandinavian countries Denmark is a country located on the Jutland Peninsula and adjacent Islands of the Danish archipelago, where there are "the happiest people in the world."