Seasons in Oslo

Oslo has maritime climate. Summers are cool and winters are rather mild and snowy while autumn is long and spring comes only by late March. Severe frost or exhausting heat is not common in the city. This is peculiar considering closeness of the Polar Circle.

Seasons in Bergen

Bergen is almost thousand years old city with pronounced northern maritime climate. Two main features of the climate of Bergen are mild transitions between seasons and excessive amount of precipitation.

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Norway is located on the same latitude with Alaska, Greenland and Siberia yet climate of the country is milder. Warm air masses from above the Gulf Stream are forming mild climate of coastal areas of Norway. Inland and north most located territories are colder and drier.

Norway Nature

Norway is located on mountainous land. Most of it lies in moderate climate zone however its climate is milder than in other countries on same longitude at least in southern portion. Western regions of Norway are under influence of warm Atlantic currents, while south-eastern part falls under air masses from above the Baltic Sea.

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The territory of the country is stretched northwards and narrow. Such configuration causes variety of weather condition. Southern and south-western portions are falling under influence of the Gulf Stream and North Atlantic Current hence having moderate maritime climate. Winters there are cold with temperature averages slightly below freezing and summers are cool.