Nature of Bulgaria

Bulgaria is the country in eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula. Eastern side of it is washed by the Black Sea. Despite moderate area Bulgaria has diverse relief. There are depressions, plans, hills, short and tall mountains as well as numerous gorges and valleys. Man feature of relief of the country is alternation of “stripes” of low and high altitude.

6 Best Resorts in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is situated in eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula between Romania and Greece. Relief of the country is the mixture of plains, hills, valleys and mountains of various heights. Presence of mentioned variety of relief and coast of the Black Sea cause respective variety of weather conditions across the territory of Bulgaria.

Best Time to Visit Bulgaria

Bulgaria is situated in zones of temperate and Mediterranean climate. Alternation of mountain ranges and plain creates areas with wide variety of weather conditions depending on altitude and features of air flows. In general winter is cool due to prevailing influence of continental air masses while during summer warm Mediterranean air reaches further to north.