Eastern Europe

Seasons in Russia Krasnodar Krai

Krasnodar Krai is the southernmost region of Russia. It is located on the Kuban-Azov lowland in the Western part of the Caucasus and is situated on the same geographical Parallels with Northern Italy and southern France. Krasnodar region is divided into 38 districts and includes 28 cities. In size it is comparable to major European state. Krasnodar territory is washed by two seas: to the South-West between the Black sea and in the North-West – the sea of Azov.

Seasons in Romania

The period from the middle of May to the beginning of September it is the best time to visit Romania. This period gives tourists incredible opportunity to see the country’s attractions and enjoy Black Sea’s beaches.

Seasons in Moldova

Moldova is a small country with typical climate of north Black Sea’s shore areas. The sea makes a huge influence on the weather here. Season’s weather differs a lot. Although there is no much difference in weather at various areas of the country. Cold winters and hot summers are typical for Moldova.

Seasons in Hungary

Hungary has advantageous location. It’s mostly plain territory is covered from piercing winds of Adriatic and Mediterranean Seas. All unpleasant climatic manifestations are cut off by Carpathian, Balkan Mountains and partly by Alps.

Seasons in Slovakia

Slovakia is mountainous country with huge difference of weather by a season. Climate of Slovakia mostly is typical for middle Europe. Summer, winter, fall and spring are expressed. Never the less, climate is different in various areas.

Seasons in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a country situated in Southeast Europe on the Balkan Peninsula. From the East it is washed by the Black sea. This country is famous for its unlimited opportunities for recreation both in summer and in winter: there are ski resorts, beaches with Golden Sands, green forests, healing mineral springs, temples and monasteries, a multitude of natural, architectural and historical landmarks.

Seasons in Russia

In a territorial scale Russia is the largest country in the world with a varied topography, climatic conditions, flora and fauna. On its territory there are diverse plains and mountain vegetation and lots of rivers and lakes.