Seasons in Ukraine

Ukraine is situated in the Central part of Europe in the mid-latitudes at a great distance from the ocean. All this proves continental climate. In a country dominated by all four distinct seasons, each of which has its own characteristic features.

Seasons in Kiev

Kiev is the capital of Ukraine. It is situates in northern part of the country of both banks of the Dnieper River. There are several sandy beaches on banks of the river. The city has mostly plain relief with minor geological formations such as butte hills and ravines. The most elevated point of the city has altitude of 203 m (666 ft.) above sea level.

Seasons in Lviv

Lviv is the cultural capital of Ukraine. Historic center of the city is included in UNESCO World Heritage List. The city is situated on borer of three geological regions: uplands, hills and plains. It has variety of relief, hence slight variations of weather across its territory.

Seasons in Odessa

Odessa is main port city of Ukraine. It is situated on coast of the Gulf of Odessa that is part of the Black Sea. Relief of the city is mostly plain with slopes towards the sea and surrounding limans. Climate of the city is considered as humid continental but it is modified by influence of the Black Sea and surrounding bodies of water.

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Ukraine is the country in Eastern Europe. Relief of the country is mostly plain. Highlands and mountains occupy around 26% and 3% respectively. Ukraine has temperate continental climate. Southern and south-eastern regions are warmer and drier than other parts of the country.

Nature of Ukraine

Ukraine is the country in Eastern Europe. Vast majority of its territories is on East European plain and 29% of its territory is mountainous. There are Carpathian Mountains in south-western part of the country. Climate in mountains has altitude related variations. South of Ukraine is washed by the Black Sea and Sea of Azov.

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Ukraine is the second biggest country in Europe. Relief of the country is mostly plain only in western regions there are Carpathian Mountains. Southern part of Ukraine is washed by the Sea of Azov and the Black Sea. Recreational potential is focused on coasts and in mountains, though cultural and natural sights are diverse too.