Czech Republic

Seasons in Prague

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic. It is situated on several hills (9 according to Prague Information Service) on both banks of the Vltava River. Annual amount of visitors (5.4 million) exceeds population of the city (1.3 millions) by 4 times. Prague was founded in 7th century and accumulated enormous amount of cultural heritage that attracts visitors.

Seasons in Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary is famous Czech spa resort. There are 12 mineral springs and developed infrastructure around them. It is situated in valley in 120 km (74 mi.) to west from Prague near border with Germany. Cozy green valley is surrounded by the Ore Mountain Range.

6 Best Czech Resorts

Czech Republic is the country in Central Europe. It is located between Germany, Poland, Austria and Slovakia. It has no casts. The relief of the country is hilly in eastern half and mountainous in the western portion. The highest point is the Snezka Mountain with summit at 1603 m (5260 ft.).

Nature of the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is the country in Central Europe between Poland, Germany, Slovakia and Austria. It has no coasts and has diverse relief. Western part of the country is covered with relatively low mountains and eastern is hilly. The highest point is at summit of the Sniezka Mountain with elevation of 1602 m (5255 ft).

Best Time to Visit the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is relatively small country in the middle of Europe. Relief of the country varies from plains to smooth low mountains. Climate of the Czech Republic is mild with warm summer and cold, humid and cloudy winters. Summers are especially pleasant because mountains are blocking continental air masses. During winters there is enough snow for skiing.