Seasons in Greece

Greece is the land of heroes, scholiasts and artists. This small South European country is the cradle of modern civilization. Philosophy, mathematics, mechanics, military art, the concept of citizenship, and even more were born under the azure skies of Greece.

Seasons in Athens

Athens is the capital of Greece named after Athena. She was associated with wisdom, handcraft and warfare. It is situated in region of Attica of coast of the Saronic Gulf on plain surrounded by several mountain ranges. Athens is divided by the Cephissus River. Due to features of relief and global location the city experiences thermal inversion.

Seasons in Crete (Island)

Crete is the biggest island of Greece. It has mostly mountainous relief with three main ranges. The island is stretched from west to east and has length of 260 km (161 mi.) with 60 km (37 mi.) in the widest part. Mountains divide weather conditions of different parts of the island.

Seasons in Santorini (Thira Island)

Santorini is the unofficial name of the Thera, the largest island of the group of volcanic islands called Santorin. The Santorin group is part of the Cyclades archipelago in the Aegean Sea. Inner coast of the island is sheer precipice with elevation of up 300 m while outer coasts are smooth beaches. Thera has rock terrain with altitude u to 500 m above sea level.

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Greece is stipe of land in south-eastern Europe with range of peninsulas and island. Relief of the country consists of mountains, densely populated valley, numerous islands, straits, bays and coves between Aegean and Ionian Seas. There are zones of different climate within the country: Mediterranean, alpine and temperate.

Nature of Greece

Greece is the cradle of modern Western world. It occupies significant part of the Balkan Peninsula and around 2000 islands (227 populated). It is washed by the Aegean, Ionic and Mediterranean Seas. Relief of the country consists of rocky mountains, densely populated plains and numerous islands. Almost quarter of territory of Greece is Mountainous.

Best Time to Visit Greece

Greece is the country in south Europe. It is situated on the Balkan Peninsula and wide range of islands (around 2000). It is washed by the Aegean, Ionic and Mediterranean Seas. Relief of the country is alternation of rocky mountains with no forestation and densely populated plains. Almost 20% of territory of the country is islands.