Southern Europe

Seasons in the Vatican City

Vatican is the smallest independent state in the world. It consists of only one city of the same name which is by itself is located in the middle of Rome. Its area is only about 0.44 km2 (0.16 m2) and length of borders is 3.2 km (1.9 m). Population is 1000 people and only half of them have respective citizenship and almost all of them are part of the clergy of Roman Catholic Church.

Seasons in Malta

Malta is the southernmost country of Europe. It located in subtropical climatic zone in the middle of Mediterranean Sea. Climatic conditions are completely corresponding to location. Malta has long and hot summer with mild winter.

Seasons in Montenegro

Relief variety along with influence of Adriatic Sea caused several types of climate condition within the borders of Montenegro. Adriatic coasts are locates in Mediterranean climate zone, north regions are differ by temperate continental weather condition. Mountainous regions consequently have mountain climate.

Seasons in Slovenia

Slovenia is located in the Alpine-Danube region of Central Europe. The north-west of the country is covered by the Alps (42% of the territory). Large rivers Sava, Drava and the right tributaries of the Danube pass. Slovenia has access to the sea in the west, this is the Mediterranean coast of the Adriatic Sea.

Seasons in San Marino

The climate of this small and really wonderfull country is Mediterranean subtropical. It means there is a long, rather dry, hot and sunny summer, especially on the plains, and warm and rainy winter when cyclones often sweep over the territory of San Marino. The hottest month in San Marino is August.

Seasons in North Macedonia

The territory of Macedonia is divided by mountains into two parts. That is why there are two types of climate in Macedonia: temperate in the north and subtropical on the south. Except the mountainous areas, it's hot there in summer both in the south and north parts of Macedonia. Winter weather differs much: it is cold and snowy in the north and it is soft and warm enough in the south.

Seasons in Serbia

Serbia is surrounded by seas yet has no coasts. Adriatic, Aegean and Black seas influence on climate of country. Features of relief such as mountains of northern portion of country affect weather conditions as well. Overall conditions are considered as a continental climate.

Seasons in Andorra

The high season in Andorra is certainly at winter. Whole country is considered as one big ski resort so from November to April Europeans are crowding it seeking for great skiing. Climate of the country is dry due to influence of the Mediterranean. Average temperature at winter is about 2 °C (36 °F) while at summer may reach 20 °C (68 °F).

Seasons in Albania

Albania has a Mediterranean subtropical climate. On the coastal part of the country, the climate is very typical for the most of the Mediterranean countries: a long hot and dry summer and a mild, fairly humid winter.


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