Seasons in Croatia

The owner of over 1000 Islands, one of the most eco-friendly countries on earth, famous for its unspoiled nature, a small but very welcoming Croatia is located in Central Europe, in the West of the Balkan Peninsula.

6 Best Croatian Resorts

Croatia is the small country on western coast of the Balkan Peninsula. There two part of the country. First is inland between Slovenia and Serbia, Hungary and Bosnia. Second is stretched along eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea. Also there are almost 1200 islands in water basin of Croatia. Only 67 among them are populated.

Best Time to Visit Croatia

Croatia is the country on south of Central Europe. It is situated on the Balkan Peninsula. Territory of the country consists of wider inland part, narrow strip on eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea and over 1000 islands in territorial waters. Most of territory of the country is elevated over 500 m (1640 ft.) above sea level.