Seasons in Portugal

Portugal is the country with largest in Europe number of sunny days. In the southern regions there are about 3000 sunny hours per year. Climate of Portugal is Mediterranean, with significant influence of the ocean. North of the country especially the mountainous region is characterized by high humidity with average annual precipitation of 1 to 2 m and more.

7 Best Resorts in Portugal

Portugal is the country on western edge of the Iberian Peninsula. It is washed by the Atlantic Ocean and also incorporates two groups of islands: the Azores and the Madeira. Relief of the country varies from mountains in north-eastern and western provinces to plains in central and southern regions.

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Portugal is the westernmost country of Eurasia. It is situated in south-western part of the Iberian Peninsula. Madeira and Azores Autonomous regions on islands in the Atlantic Ocean are controlled by Portugal. The country has mixed relief. Northern half of Portugal is mountainous while in southern half there are gentle hills and plains.