Seasons in Qatar

Qatar has tropical maritime climate with dry hot summers and mild winters. The country is located on the peninsula of same name and washed by the Persian Gulf. Time from May to September is the hottest. Daytime temperature at these months is extremely high between 45 and 50 °C (113-131 °F). Nights bring no relief for air warms up to 43 °C (109 °F) even without sun. Humidity level reaches 92% and even higher in coastal areas. Rainy season lasts from December to March. Showers are strong and fast.

Top 5 Resorts in Qatar

Qatar is the country in Near East. It is situated on the peninsula in the Persian Gulf. The country is one of the largest exporters of oil and natural gas. Qatar is massive desert with lowlands in north; central part is rocky desert with some saline souls and southern regions are covered by tall dunes.