Spring in Art

Since ancient times artists were admired by beauty, freshness and power of tender spring. It was visualized as young women or expressed by bare nature and season social activities. Many mythological motives are referring to this season.

Summer in Art

Summer itself represents grand burst of energy. It represents in paintings dedicated to this season in plenty of light and bright colors, in clear sky and fresh wind, in all the glory of nature. Sun, warmth and joy are main themes in most of summer paintings. Surprisingly most significant of summer painting were made at the end of XIX century.

Autumn in Art

Both cheerful and lyrical season evoked the joy of harvest and before-winter-melancholy on artists of all times. Autumn starts with gaining and finishes with loosing. Paintings about this season are filled with prosperity of harvest and unavoidable withering, temporary death in front winter’s face. Such duality found its place on canvases dedicated to this season.

Winter in Art

Snow cover and long evenings, hibernation of nature are inspired artists to work with cold colors. Watching winter paintings is surprise with how many shades can have white and blue. Quiet and lit forests, people in numerous layers of clothes, deep blue evenings are provide understanding of winter beauty.