North Asia

Seasons in Russian Yakutia

Yakutia occupies a large part of the basin of the Lena, Anabar, Olenek, Indigirka, and Kolyma. Its climate is sharply continental, with considerable territory lies beyond the Arctic circle. In Yakutia, the biggest in Russia annual temperature differential: down to -60 in winter, in summer up to +30-35 degrees. Hot weather is short-lived, mostly at the end of July. Summer short – 2.5 months. The winters with little snow, and few irregular rainfall in summer. In the South of Yakutia rainfall is much greater. They feed many rivers taking in the area its origin. The rains of a protracted nature, so the water level in the rivers is constantly changing and very strong.

Seasons in Russia Siberia

Siberia is a huge territory occupying the Northern part of Asia. Also Siberia occupies about 60 percent of Russia's territory, which is about 10 million square kilometers. The whole vast territory of Siberia lies in three climatic zones: Arctic, subarctic and temperate. All of Siberia is divided into two main parts: Western Siberia and Eastern Siberia.