Autumn Season

Autumn is one of the four Earth’s seasons, that goes after summer and foreshadows winter. This season also can be called as Fall and it is about big changes in nature and environment.

Autumn in Art

Both cheerful and lyrical season evoked the joy of harvest and before-winter-melancholy on artists of all times. Autumn starts with gaining and finishes with loosing. Paintings about this season are filled with prosperity of harvest and unavoidable withering, temporary death in front winter’s face. Such duality found its place on canvases dedicated to this season.

Autumn Poems

Autumn is the time of ripening. All hopes of spring and all actions of summer are finished with autumn. Nature in its adult state inspires for solitude and thinking. Carpet of orange, yellow and brown leafs is the best field for long walks.

Autumn in Quotes

Fall is considered as the saddest season if year. But it brings not only rains and fading of nature. It also brings harvest in the broadest sense. At this time people are reaping the benefits of their actions and make conclusions about them.