Autumn Season

All the epithets which refer to the mostly artistic season of the year would be incredible to enumerate. Variegated and faded drab, spiritually inspired and monotonous, creative and irreparable, etc. are just some common sensation which could be typically shared as a range of associations.

The contradiction forms the concept of autumn irresistibly. It has enough charm to win anyone over. From Goethe till Baudelaire any artists have not afforded to contradict it. Gold and crimson leaf falls, drizzling sonatas, poetic sky influence on the emotional atmosphere as a sophisticated performance of the splendid actor.

About Autumn

Autumn in Earth:
Autumn Moments:

Autumn Nature

Beauty is determined by nature

The nature itself with each picturesque metamorphose causes it. If abstract from the hemisphere peculiarities the season of harvest could be characterised as a period of hibernation preparation to winter, so called “bridge” between summer and winter, as everybody knows. It is the main role of the autumn.

The gradualness of the modification firmly roots in the contrast above mentioned changes. As usually the autumn is passing us through the tenderness of the Indian summer.

luxury leaf falls in October and finish with the rainy poetry of November when the temperature and the views adopt people rather to winter.

Autumn Phenomena in Nature

The meteorological surprises

The autumnal equinox is cultivated in many countries and has a status of the autumn symbol. Near in each country, if to take into consideration the roots, it is easy to find the traces of this folk fest. Gathering of the harvest, futility refers to the wellness and enjoy which give us autumn.

Nevertheless, some other natural cataclysms are waiting for us during this season: heavy rains and storms, decreasing of temperature and even the first snow indicates onto the obstinate character of this season.

Lavish leaf falls compensate all of the negative characteristic of autumn, the picturesque colours of which feast for everybody eyes.

Plants in Autumn

Fall of colorful leaves

The life cycle of many plants finishes or turn into the other stage that why mythological picture of the world enriched own treasury with unforgettable characters and collisions too.

If to concentrate on the biological background of it the readers would recollect immediately the dehydration of the trees and bushes, mechanic protection that leads to the nakedness of the trees.

The riot of colours of leaves is just the deliberation of other pigments such as the burgundy red of anthocyanins from the chlorophylls. Nature creates magical effects around us, and this is especially amazing in the fall.

Animals in Autumn

Animals are preparing for winter

Coming winter for forest animals is a real challenge; hardly any creature can be so light-minded to forget about it. The active preparation in autumn helps to survive even the mostly strong frost and starvation later.

The evolution hints small animals that to avoid as much as possible predators chasing later helps changing the colour of the fur. Kind of chameleon light grey on the border with white assists well to mask itself.

Animals, such as a bear, should take into account the winter, arranging themselves in a comfortable and safe place where they can sleep peacefully before the onset of spring.

Birds in Autumn

Birds in expectations of winter

Reduction of feed recourses, extremely low temperature is not so friendly with feathery creatures. The season migration is the solution for the birds of passage. They do incredibly long way to reach desirable warm and suitable life conditions. Just imagine the fly journey from the North hemisphere to the South hemisphere and vice versa! That is why you can observe more than rear exemplars of migrated from the other places birds from October.

But some of birds can resist all the difficulties and survive the fluctuation daylight hours, lack of food and frost. Staying at home the late autumn for them could be just the signal of the local migration or visiting situated near cities in search of provisions. 

Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere

Autumn days of the Northern Hemisphere

The astronomic aspect influences on the certain delay of autumn coming. Only the end of September points to the beginning of it. The advantage of it is enormous for visiting the other countries and relieves again the vivid beauty of Tuscany or in farther situated from Europe countries.

It would be unforgettable mistake to forget about the autumn ball of flowers with warm coloured blossoming and stunning fragrances. The harmony of temperature, bright colours of leaves are delightful indeed. High level of minerals in it makes the track in the mountains or forests even more rewarding for your health.

If you are thirsty of new colour atmosphere, capricious hue of flowers, why do not to switch the hemisphere and discover for yourself Asia? Each part of it is rich of bright experience, so flame red trees you can hardly find in Europe.

Beautiful Autumn Time

The golden autumn is the life event of charm which is more than necessary to see again.

Botanic gardens deserve to be visited here which guarantee the beam of smile during whole year after recollecting and watching the photo.

So, autumn is full of miracles and they are waiting to be discovered, it depends on your geographic choice for travelling, which one is better to see firstly.

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