Seasons in the North Caucasus

North Caucasus is mountainous region with moderate continental climate. Due to altitude weather of the region is quite patchy. But overall summer and winter are mild without excessive heat of severe frosts (except alpine locations).

Natural shield of mountains and close sea which cools for a quite long time are causing mild temperature range. As a result overall average temperature is about -5 °C (23 °F). Coasts of the Black Sea are even warmer and temperature here never drops below zero (32 °F). Precipitation isn’t intensive and caused by stray western cyclones.

Geological processes are still active so there is possibility of earthquakes. Also before visiting North Caucasus it is highly recommended to check current social issues in destination locality.



Spring in the North Caucasus

Coming of spring is marked by rise of temperature, increasing of precipitation frequency and fogs. So umbrella is totally required. For visit at March you’ll full set of warm winter cloths. At April weather is much warmer. During spring average temperature is rising by 5 °C (9 °F) at each month starting at 5 °C (41 °F) at March and to 20 °C (68 °F) at May.

At May vegetation and all sorts of blossom are at their peak so wandering among picturesque mountainous locations is twice more pleasant. In addition weather becomes warm with 20 to 22 °C (68-72 °F) through daytime and 10 to 14 °C (50-57 °F) at night.

Climate of the Spring Months

Max average t°: +5.5 °C (42 °F)
Min average t°: -3.5 °C (26 °F)
Sundial in the day: 5 hours
Rainy days: 7 days
Precipitation: 76 mm (3.0")
Max average t°: +15 °C (59 °F)
Min average t°: +3 °C (37 °F)
Sundial in the day: 7 hours
Rainy days: 6 days
Precipitation: 67 mm (2.6")
Max average t°: +21 °C (69 °F)
Min average t°: +9 °C (48 °F)
Sundial in the day: 8 hours
Rainy days: 13 days
Precipitation: 157 mm (6.1")


Spring Holidays

Easter celebrations at March-April with variable dates.

March 8 – Women's Day.
March 25 – Cultural Workers Day.

April 21 – Local Self-Government Day.
April 26 – Memorial Day of Radiation Accidents and Catastrophes.
April 27 – Day of Russian Parliamentarism.

May 9 – Victory Day.

Summer in the North Caucasus

Summer in North Caucasus will please visitors with plenty of sunny days. Activity of the sun allows getting beautiful tan without any effort. Lush vegetation of the land spreads cool shade at noon so even highest temperatures aren’t as bothering as they could be on bold plains.

Typical temperature at July is between 22 and 25 °C (72-77 °F) but under influence of dry winds it may rise to 35 °C (95 °F). Though, as it mentioned above, even heat isn’t bothering. Yet couple of sweaters and jeans will be useful at night when temperature drops to 13-15 °C (55-59 °F). Rains are possible too but they are fast and light.

Climate of the Summer Months

Max average t°: +24 °C (76 °F)
Min average t°: +12 °C (54 °F)
Sundial in the day: 12 hours
Rainy days: 12 days
Precipitation: 153 mm (6.0")
Max average t°: +27 °C (81 °F)
Min average t°: +15 °C (58 °F)
Sundial in the day: 12 hours
Rainy days: 7 days
Precipitation: 89 mm (3.5")
Max average t°: +27 °C (80 °F)
Min average t°: +14 °C (57 °F)
Sundial in the day: 11 hours
Rainy days: 5 days
Precipitation: 96 mm (3.8")


Summer Holidays

June 6 – Day of the Russian Language.
June 8 – Social Workers' Day.
June 12 – Russia Day.

Last Sunday of July – Navy Day.
July 7 - Ivan Kupala Day.

1st Sunday of August – Railway Workers' Day.
August 6 – Russian Railway Troops Day
2nd Saturday of August – Sports Day.
August 12 – Russian Air Force Day.
August 27 – Film and Movies Day.

Autumn in the North Caucasus

First half of September is usually warm with temperature about 23 °C (73 °F). With coming of October air gradually cools. And then comes actual autumn with rustle of withering leaves, numerous shades of gold and morning blankets of thick fogs.

Autumn changes bring unique charm to nature of North Caucasus. Each time sun falls beyond the horizon sky becomes unique masterpiece of millions colors. Maybe this is the reason why this land inspired titans of Russian literature and art. Average temperature drops to 7 °C (45 °F). Coolness is compounded by piercing winds and probability of snow.

Climate of the Autumn Months

Max average t°: +21 °C (71 °F)
Min average t°: +9 °C (48 °F)
Sundial in the day: 9 hours
Rainy days: 4 days
Precipitation: 50 mm (2.0")
Max average t°: +14 °C (58 °F)
Min average t°: +4 °C (39 °F)
Sundial in the day: 6 hours
Rainy days: 4 days
Precipitation: 66 mm (2.6")
Max average t°: +7 °C (45 °F)
Min average t°:-1 °C (31 °F)
Sundial in the day: 4 hours
Rainy days: 3 days
Precipitation: 43 mm (1.7")


Autumn Holidays

September 13 – Programmer Day.
September 29 – Day of Machine-Building industry workers

October 1 – International Day of Older Persons + Russian Ground Forces Day.
October 4 – Russian Aerospace Defence.
October 23 – Day of Advertisement industry Workers.
October 24 – Day of Special Forces of the Armed Forces.
October 25 – Day of Customs Workers.
October 29 – Day of Security services of the MVD.
October 30 – Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Political Repressions.
October 31 – Day of the detention centers and prisons workers.

November 10 – Police and Internal Affairs Servicemen's Day.
November 18 – Day of the missile forces and artillery.
November 27 – Naval Infantry Day.

Winter in the North Caucasus

At December temperature is slightly above 0 °C (32 °F). Nights are colder with negative temperatures (below 32 °F). At January night temperature of air decreases to -6 °C (21 °F). Overall winters in North Caucasus are snowy but frequent thaws cause ice-crusted ground.

Winter landscapes of the region are exceptionally beautiful. Yet to spectate them warm clothes are needed. Low temperature combined with high humidity makes weather colder than it may seem judging by thermometer reading.

Climate of the Winter Months

Max average t°: +2 °C (36 °F)
Min average t°: -5 °C (23 °F)
Sundial in the day: 3 hours
Snowy days: 5 days
Precipitation: 69 mm (2.7")
Max average t°: 0 °C (32 °F)
Min average t°:-8 °C (18 °F)
Sundial in the day: 3 hours
Snowy days: 6 days
Precipitation: 65 mm (2.6")
Max average t°: +1 °C (33 °F)
Min average t°: -8 °C (18 °F)
Sundial in the day: 4 hours
Snowy days: 4 days
Precipitation: 42 mm (1.7")


Winter Holidays

December 9 – Fatherland's Heroes Day.
December 17 – Strategic Missile Troops Day.
December 31 – New Ears Eve.

January 1 – New Year.
January 12 – Prosecutor General's Day.
January 14 –“Old New Year” (New Year according to Julian Calendar).
January 25 – Tatiana Day.

February 14 – Valentine’s Day.
February 15 – International Duties Memorial Day.