Winter Season

The season of crystal nights and frost motives would never discontinue powerfully influence on the human imagination. The romantic of sever nature condition, frost and the sparkling white picks of mountains steady settled in the consciousness as a challenge to character, daily routine and conformism.

The mystery of the immortal popularity of the primordial instinct to conquer the winter nature is determined by the colossal impact of primeval purity which is exemplified winter beauty.

About Winter

Winter Nature

Icy greatness of nature

The initial of winter reminds about itself in December when not only the low temperature marks the coming of the new stage of life, the longitude of the days indicates the hibernation of the nature, the hoarfrost o the grass and benches, freezing puddles show us that the autumn is finished.

Snowing and frosty air are not rear guest but in January it is getting typical. Only few days of thawing could melt the icy beauty of winter. Even if you are in the country where is not so easy to find such a classic winter the difference is more than noticeable. Heavy cold rains, wild winds and coldness would not make you mix the season with any other else.

February is the logic descendant of the previous two months but the final accords of the winter are perceptible through the waking up of the vegetable kingdom, the amount of the light energy and even the palette of the sky.

Winter Phenomena in Nature

What makes you wait for winter so eagerly?

The season of the sober reflection is outlived by nature during three months and choosing the mostly cold of them depends of the geographical factors, for instance, the reputation of the sharpest one is not the same on the ocean (even the sea) cost or in the mountains.

Nevertheless, some typical evidences of the winter always have their place such as snowing, glazed frost, sever cold.

The snow as an emblem of winter is one of the long-awaited events. Like the stones on the seashore, the snow flakes are never repeated themselves. The enigmatic form which is stipulated by the nature turns poetical and scientific, children and adult heads. The crystallization of the water fascinates as much as icicles of stalactites and even during dripping of it due to thaw has it charm.

Plants in Winter

Season of well-deserved relaxation and reincarnation

The modern scientific researches go forward so far from the mythological perception of Persephone absence, the plant world is not deathly rest. Probably, you would be curious to know that so called winter sleeping of plants is not so totally deep. The fact that even the seeds of the trees are keeping to settle separately in the frosty forest with the wind is one of the proofs. The rest from blossoming, fruitful harvest seasons gives the trees and bushes the opportunity to accumulate the force to grow, cover with young leaves in spring. Even the frost has it role. Actually, when you hear the crack in the pine of cones, be sure that the seeds of it could all chances to be grown in new trees.

Animals in Winter

Thinking about four-footed friends’ winter

The animal world is also bewared of the winter challenge. Some animals simply can not stand so low temperature and prefer to migrate or behave like a sleepy bars or hedgehogs. In any case the winter is mostly difficult period for animals due to the absence of food in the normal amount. To warm own bodies and keep the vital process in the body are enjoying capable the Nordic animals the other are rather suffering than enjoy it. Just look at your pets, even cat in spring are skinny and lose a bit the luxury of glittering their fur. The nature orders in this way to give the opportunity to reincarnate later, in spring, when the all vigour would came back.

Birds in Winter

The bird kingdom calls

The birds staying in their own country have as much problems as animals. The evolution thought to gift them with feathering and low the process of metabolism. In the other aspect there are less lucky, however, achieving the food which people left for them is changing the situation. It is typical picture in the forest, when the bird look like a semi slept, unfortunately, time to time it could be very dangerous according to the low temperature and the predators that are exactly waiting for it.

The most astute birds adapt to the season by migrating to the opposite hemisphere, where they easily find the opposite time of the year and can wait until the cold in their homeland passes.

Winter in the Northern Hemisphere

The joy of difference

The winter, as a matter of fact, does not ask only for distinguished low temperature and precipitation to be the embodiment of the coldest season of the season. Probably, time to time somebody could be disappointed without surviving of the live conditions described in Chekhov’s “The frost” but even the rear snow on streets of Northern Spain invoke the extremely happiness. Yes, the winter always shows it character, even in various manners like in Northern hemisphere where the European winter could be so different from the Mediterranean climate peculiarities till the sever coldness.

The winter in Asia is also not so easy predictable and depends of the part. Perhaps, the Far Eastern snow falls could rather shock than to be the entertainment.

Winter in the Southern Hemisphere

The benefits to hibernate in the South hemisphere

Taking into consideration the Southern hemisphere, let’s distinguish South America and Australia, for example. The South American winter is united because of the certain peculiarity:  humidity, even if you consider resisting the low temperature perfectly, you have to be aware that the wetness makes to feel it sharply. In any case the extremely frost and red snow would not trouble the tourist who is going there during winter.

The climate in Australia, as everybody knows, is the picture of uniqueness but even if it is incredible to be objective talking about the averaged temperature, you would hardly find the cataclysms such as winter falls here.

Drawing conclusion about the concept of winter it would be hard to push away the traditional perception of the season of hibernation of nature and in the certain case the biological rhythm of the human body as a part of it. Despite of it this season could be extremely active if you would like to travel or dedicate your leisure time to the active sport. The winter time discovers splendid opportunities for it, even discovering own or many visited countries would be the real adventure.

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