Winter Season

Winter is one of the four Earth’s seasons, that goes after autumn and foreshadows spring. This season is the coldest in the whole year, but not in the tropical zones. Everyone feels some magic in the air, because of frosts, crystal nights, snow and just this amazing atmosphere.

This time of the year is perfect for doing winter sport activities, such as snowboarding, ski riding, ice skating, playing snowballs and much more. Winter is also a perfect time to be at home, drink hot tea or coffee, spend time with family, friends, watch movies and just enjoy every day!




Winter Nature

Nature in the winter season is sleeping, because of low temperatures, frost in the air and snowing weather. You are able to see trees, that just covered by snow, as a ground.

Most of plants and animals are having their hibernation period, so winter is not full of bright colors, but who says that white, snowy and a bit magical winter is not cool?

Days become short, as usual not so sunny and nights are becoming longer. Also winter season is the best time in the year to see starts in t night sky, due to they are the brightest in this time of the year.

Winter Phenomena

In the winter season the sun it not active, as usual, temperatures are low and days are really cold. But, despite this everyone loves winter and waiting for it. Why?

The most beautiful phenomenon of the winter is snow! You know that the snowflakes are never repeat themselves, they have amazing shapes, that different with each new snowflake.

Another amazing thing, that we can see in winter is crystallization of the water. This phenomenon is really beautiful and makes environment more picturesque. To add more, on some frozen lakes it is allowed to ride a ski!

Flora and Fauna


Winter is the best time for plants and trees to relax and prepare for the next season. They are just sleeping but not really deep. Frost on the plants even helps them to accumulate how much force they would need to grow and get covered with young and green leaves in the spring.

But coming of the winter season does not mean that we will not enjoy the beauty of the nature. There are still a lot of flowers and trees that love winter and can survive even when the temperatures are low.

Blue Spruce is a tree that really loves winter and also looks very nice, when covered with snow. It can live without sun, but still be beautiful and also ready to “wear” decorations in the Christmas and New Year time.

Wintergreen Boxwood is a plant that really loves winter weather and as you can understand from the name is green even in winter. Also this small plant looks really nice with snow cover and serves as a reminder that not everything in the winter time is sleeping and you still can find real beauty in the nature.


Winter period can be really challenging for animals. Temperatures are low and it is cold for some of them to stay outside, it is difficult to find food and shelter. That is why animals are trying to survive winter in the different ways.

Some of animals are migrate in warmer lands. Another just grow more warm fur, that would help them to live when the weather is cold and also well-known way to survive winter season is fall into hibernation. It is a deep sleep, that helps animals to store energy and fell comfortable, when the temperatures are low.


Some of birds in the winter are flying to other countries, where the weather is warmer and it is more easy for them to find food and shelter.

But some of them are staying in their usual place and surviving winter in own ways. Birds can also grow warmer “coat” and also the evolution process gave some of them low metabolism process. But not all are lucky, that is why it is very important to feed our small friends in winter!


Winter Solstice

The winter solstice is the day with the shortest daylight hours, which falls every year in the Northern Hemisphere on December 21st or 22nd.

In the Northern Hemisphere, the December solstice is the winter solstice. In the Southern Hemisphere, it is the summer solstice, the day with the longest daylight hours.

The day at the winter solstice is the shortest of the year and the night is the longest.


Northern Hemisphere

Northern Hemisphere is a part of the Earth, that is located north to Equator. Here Winter comes on the 1 of December and ends on the last date of February. The coldest moth of the winter in this hemisphere is January.

Southern Hemisphere

Southern Hemisphere location is south part of Earth to Equator. Seasons here are opposite to Northern Hemisphere seasons. Winter begins on the 1 of June and finishes at 31 of August. And in some places of the Earth near the equator of winter there is none at all.

Winter in Traditional Holidays Countries of the World

Coming of Winter to every country and town is a significant event, that is way there are a lot of celebrations and holidays, regarding to greet this amazing time of the year.

Now we are going to tell you about the best and interesting summer tradition in the world!



Christmas, of course Christmas, that is held in every country and town. People celebrate this holiday with families, giving gifts to each other, going to church, singing special songs and having an amazing time with magical atmosphere in the air!


(Kwanzaa festival with Ron Karenga, he is the creator of the pan-African and African American holiday Kwanzaa)

Kwanzaa takes place in America and Africa every year from 26 of December to 1 of January. The name of the festival means fresh fruits and based on different African harvest festivals, that were held in ancient times. During this days, people wear special clothes, use fruits and vegetables as decorations for their homes and also light special candles.



Hanukkah is a famous Jews celebration, the main point of that, is to light a special candle, in case to remember a miracle, that happened in ancient times, when the oil was burning for eight days in the temple. People eat special dishes in this day, sing songs and have a lot of fun!

Saint Nicholas Day

Saint Nicholas Day

Saint Nicholas Day, that is celebrated in the countries of Europe. It is considered, that this man gave all his money for those, who needed them and he was really generous throughout his lifetime, that is why in the night he brings gift to the small children, that were behaving good all year! This holiday really has some mysterious and amazing spirit!

Winter season is really amazing and has some special atmosphere, that everyone cold feel. Just enjoy this amazing time with families and friends!