Seasons in Japan

Japan is poor in natural resources, but brings a huge number of delightful natural scenery. The Japanese are very attentive to details, and their pedantry can be compared only to the German pedantry. We share a year on the four traditional periods. The Japanese share a year on the 24 seasons since ancient times.

Seasons in Tokyo

Tokyo is the capital and the main city of Japan. In fact it is not a city; it is whole prefecture, but features of administrative organization in Japan are out of focus of this article. Tokyo is situated on the Kanto Plain in south-eastern part of the Honshu Island. It occupies plain ground between the Pacific Ocean and western mountains. The city is exposed to air masses from above the ocean.

Seasons in Kyoto

Kyoto is the city in central part of the Honshu Island. It is situated in depression that stretches from north to south and surrounded by mountains. Weather conditions in Kyoto are different comparing to other localities due to surrounding mountains.

Seasons in Osaka

Osaka is the third most populated city in Japan. It is situated in southern part of the Honshu Island on coast of the bay of same name. The city lies on plain ground, but similar to many other localities in Japan it is surrounded by mountains. Difference of altitude with nearby Kyoto results Osaka being slightly drier and warmer.