Spring Season

Odes to spring are regularly composed by enamoured worshippers of one of the most outstanding seasons of the year. Tender and energetic, delicate and vivid, spring is the living picture of the beginning of life. The poetry of nature has the irresistible influence on the mood even of the extremely pessimistic or pragmatic personality.

Melting of the snow, ingratiating beams of the sun are celebrating the win over the rigid coldest of the previous season. The first flowers are turning to the event of pure happiness after discovering them in the mountains or the forests. Even the audible perception finds the final proofs of the new season when the birds are settling again in their new built nets.

About Spring

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Spring Nature

The renewing powerfulness of nature

The beginning of spring could be not in accordance with the calendar one and till the middle of March looks rather like the end of the winter. However, the high water in rivers and lakes shows that the season is changed. The same situation happens with the raising temperature and, obviously, the longitude of the days.

In April nobody doubts that spring rules over the nature, bright blossoming, steady warm weather is the mostly visible attributes of the month power.

The end of spring is exemplified clearly the transfer to the summer and even hot temperature is not surprise anymore. The water in the sea and ocean is getting warmer. The air enriches of the final blossoming fragrances of the fruit trees.

The role of the spring is more than sophisticated and shaking from the awaking performance in the beginning till the preparation to the fruitfulness summer.

Spring Phenomena in Nature

Spring leaves a mark on everything around

As are many of urbanisation contemporaries, even the people whose work is more closely correlated to the nature cannot afford themselves to stop to amaze of the metamorphoses.

The processes of nature reincarnation, spring demonstrates the highest level of delicacy. Melting snow allows the ground to be feed properly with the water and minerals, giving the way to get force hidden sprouts.

Rains and winds during March and early April have their place constantly and could be the curse in the mountains regions as strong as storms.

However all of it is more than compensated by the colourful and flavoured magic of blossoming of the trees and flowers.

Plants in Spring

A riot of greenery and flowers

The spring is the true celebration for plants, so called rebirth after sever cold winter the sun arouses them again to the new cycle of life. The alchemy of it has found the reflection in many art masterpieces.

An alternative explanation is that the plant kingdom is not just waked up because some of exemplars just slowed down the speed of their biologic processes during winter but have the completely new opportunity to be modified and developed according to the temps of the Earth evolution.

The flowers on the branches and new green grass leaves prove it and serve to give the birth to the new harvest in the next season.

Animals in Spring

The revival of animalistic forces

The animals can happily give up their forced winter hibernation and think how to compensate the months of starvation and struggling with low temperature.

The new grass, young soft leaves of the bushes have attracted a bewildering number of creatures that have still had doubts about the new season coming. The metabolic processes are accelerating in the proportion to the sun energy. The pick of it is noticed in the beginning of May.

It is the perfectly right time to consider about the new generation too. Spring as early summer could be one of the safest occasions for appearance new cubs.

Birds in Spring

When the birds come back ...

The role of birds had been noticed even by ancient people. Exactly these feathery are brining on their wings spring from the long distant warm countries.

The arrival of cuckoos has considered the signal that spring has come; various April dates are called as “Cuckoo Day” in different parts of the world even nowadays.

The opposite hemisphere comes back singing visitors. So, the birds do not lose time after arriving at home and feed it selves as well as possible. The same situation happens for the birds that pass winter without migration.

Spring in the Northern Hemisphere

Variety of springs

The mentality, the national character of the country is logically to discover through the climatic peculiarities which are rooted the special characteristic of the daily life.

So, how does look European spring? It would be oversimplification to describe it as one typical season for all countries because even the nearest situated regions could be so different. As usually, at the beginning of March the nature strongly hints on the passing winter but later you would not have time enough to count when the summer arrives.

Asian spring is eternal delight for eyes; the blossoming like here does not happen in any other corner of the world. Akira Kurosawa’s peaches flouring is just the start point for the imagination.

Spring in the Southern Hemisphere

Exotic in action

Spring evokes for the changes not only in the nature but in the geography too. Its other concern is to prove the power in each hemisphere and the South one cannot deny it.

This time serves for many tourists to discover completely new horizons from the jungles of the South America.

So, each aspect of spring life reflects the nature renewal metaphor and using advantages of it all biological system prepares to the new stage of existence.

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