West Africa

Seasons in Nigeria

The Republic of Nigeria is located on a plateau, having a height of 600 meters above sea level. A narrow strip of swampy terrain extends along the Gulf of Guinea, and the country is divided into large climatic regions separated by river valleys.

Seasons in Cape Verde

Cape Verde is the small republic located on archipelago in West Africa of the same name. It consist of 10 greater island and several small each with its own features of relief and climate. However they can be roughly grouped by types. Flat lands and sand beaches are prevailing in eastern part of the country while western islands have mountains with valleys and volcanos.

Seasons in the Canary Islands

Canary Islands have subtropical climate with warm weather through whole year. Weather of islands is formed under influence of dry African and wet Atlantic winds, cold Canary Current and anticyclone over Azores. In addition Canary Islands are mountainous and weather conditions vary with altitude. Weather in southern islands is drier than in northern. Difference of weather is noticeable even on one separate island i.e. Tenerife.

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