Seasons in Rhode Island

Rhode Island it is a state, that is located in the area of the New England in the United States. This state is the smallest in the United State by territory and one of the smallest by population. Rhode Island has a border with Massachusetts in the North, Connecticut state in the West and Atlantic Ocean in the South. This state is famous for its really big end beautiful bays.

Rhode Island has a temperate continental climate. It doesn't get too cold here in winter. Summers are hot and rainy. Due to the presence of the coastline, severe hurricanes occur. Westerly winds prevail. Blizzards and storms are likely in winter. The best time to visit is spring and autumn. At this time, the average temperature is 55-65 °F (+12..+18 °C). Great opportunity for walking, camping or fishing.



Spring in Rhode Island

Spring in Rhode Island is mild and rainy. Snow, if it was in winter, melts quickly. The southern border of the state runs along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. It brings wet winds and rapid warming. Temperatures rise to 60 °F (+15 °C) in March, and over 70 °F (+21 °C) in May.

The hills of Rhode Island are very picturesque, but in spring the numerous rivers can be dangerous. Narragansett Bay has many small islands that attract fishing enthusiasts. Due to the large length of the coastline, the state received the second name Ocean. In the state capital of Providence or Newport, you can find plenty of entertainment. The development of the state is moving towards the improvement of scientific and cultural life.

Climate of the Spring Months

Max average t°: 46 °F (+8 °C)
Min average t°: 30 °F (-1 °C)
Sundial in the day: 7 hours
Rainy days: 7 days
Precipitation: 4.4" (111 mm)
Max average t°: 57 °F (+14 °C)
Min average t°: 41 °F (+5 °C)
Sundial in the day: 8 hours
Rainy days: 8 days
Precipitation: 3.9" (99 mm)
Max average t°: 67 °F (+19 °C)
Min average t°: 51 °F (+10 °C)
Sundial in the day: 8 hours
Rainy days: 8 days
Precipitation: 3.4" (86 mm)


Spring Holidays

March 1st: National Women of Color Day.
March 17: St.Patrick 's Day.

3rd Monday in April: Patriot’s Day
April 22: International Earth Day.

May 4: Rhode Island Independence Day
2nd Sunday of May: Mother’s Day.
last Monday in May: Memorial Day.

Summer in Rhode Island

In summer, temperatures in Rhode Island can reach 72-86 °F (+22..+30 °C). The hottest month is July, but you can sunbathe already in June. The long coastline and more than 30 islands attract lovers of sea recreation. The high population makes the state very active. Various festivals, holidays, concerts are held weekly.

Rhode Island weather can change dramatically. Tropical storms are likely, so check the weather forecast before going out to sea. For outdoor walks, take an umbrella with you. Despite this, in the summer on the Atlantic coast you can relax and admire the area. The Waterfire Festival is held here.

Climate of the Summer Months

Max average t°: 76 °F (+24 °C)
Min average t°: 60 °F (+15.5 °C)
Sundial in the day: 9.5 hours
Rainy days: 7 days
Precipitation: 3.6" (90 mm)
Max average t°: 82 °F (+28 °C)
Min average t°: 66 °F (+19 °C)
Sundial in the day: 10 hours
Rainy days: 8 days
Precipitation: 3.4" (76 mm)
Max average t°: 80 °F (+27 °C)
Min average t°: 66 °F (+19 °C)
Sundial in the day: 9 hours
Rainy days: 7 days
Precipitation: 4.1" (90 mm)


Summer Holidays

June 14: Day of the American flag.
June 19: Juneteenth National Independence Day.
Third Sunday of June: Father’s Day.

July 4: Independence Day.
August 26: Women's Equality Day.

Autumn in Rhode Island

In the fall, Rhode Island is very beautiful. The temperature drops slowly to reach 50 °F (+10 °C) in November and prepare you for the onset of winter. While the thermometer shows 60-65 °F (+15..+18 °C), you can enjoy walks in the fresh air, admire the numerous rivers and streams, and attend numerous open-air autumn festivals.

Three fifths of the territory of Rhode Island is given to mixed forests. In autumn, they become bright and very beautiful. White pine, ash, oak, maple, birch, cedar and juniper are the real treasures of the state. On the farms, pine, spruce, and fir are grown to decorate the upcoming Christmas. There are a lot of holidays in Rhode Island, as this state is very tolerant. Each denomination can openly celebrate its important dates.

Climate of the Autumn Months

Max average t°: 74 °F (+23 °C)
Min average t°: 60 °F (+15 °C)
Sundial in the day: 7.5 hours
Rainy days: 6 days
Precipitation: 3.7" (93 mm)
Max average t°: 62 °F (+17 °C)
Min average t°: 49 °F (+9 °C)
Sundial in the day: 6.5 hours
Rainy days: 7 days
Precipitation: 4.2" (106 mm)
Max average t°: 51 °F (+11 °C)
Min average t°: 38 °F (+3.5 °C)
Sundial in the day: 6 hours
Rainy days: 6 days
Precipitation: 3.5" (88 mm)


Autumn Holidays

1st Monday in September: Labor Day.

2nd Monday in October: Columbus Day.
October 31: Halloween (All Hallows' Eve)

November 11: Veterans Day.
4th Thursday in November: Thanksgiving Day.

Winter in Rhode Island

In winter, in Rhode Island, the thermometer drops below the 23-27 °F (-5..-3 °C) revenge. The weather is changeable, sudden changes in temperature are likely. Strong winds from the Atlantic bring blizzards and snowstorms. Winter is quite warm, without severe frosts. Only once has a temperature of 40 °F (+4 °C) been recorded. heavy snowfalls are possible.

Providence is becoming the center of the state's cultural life, transforming and attracting tourists. You can go to the Providence Performing Arts Center, stroll through Roger Williams Memorial, Waterplace Park, Riverwalk Park, visit the Trinity Repertory Company theater. On the eve of the winter holidays, colorful street parades take place.

Climate of the Winter Months

Max average t°: 42 °F (+5.5 °C)
Min average t°: 29 °F (-1.5 °C)
Sundial in the day: 5.5 hours
Snowy days: 7 days
Precipitation: 4.3" (110 mm)
Max average t°: 36 °F (+2.5 °C)
Min average t°: 22 °F (-5.5 °C)
Sundial in the day: 6 hours
Snowy days: 7 days
Precipitation: 3.8" (96 mm)
Max average t°: 39 °F ( +4 °C)
Min average t°: 24 °F (-4.5 °C)
Sundial in the day: 7 hours
Snowy days: 7 days
Precipitation: 4.2" (81 mm)


Winter Holidays

December 25: Christmas Day.

January 1: New Year’s Day.
3rd Monday in January: Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.

February 14: St. Valentine's Day.
3rd Monday in February: Washington’s Birthday.