Seasons in Missouri

Missouri is a magnificent plain with humid subtropical climate and continental northern territories. Mild cool winters after a stormy rainy spring give way to long and hot summers. 

The best season for tourism is early fall. In September it is still warm, but not hot anymore. Due to the absence of mountainous mountain barriers on the way of the Arctic and oceanic air currents, weather changes are significant in a short period of time.



Spring in Missouri

In Missouri, the wettest time of the year is spring. The average temperature is 50-54 °F (+10 +12 °C). In May it gets warm as in summer 70 °F (+21 °C), but it rains heavily. This is the time of the tornado when it is necessary to carefully monitor the weather forecast. Thunderstorms start in April, hail happens.

The Missouri River flows through the entire state. Floods are possible in spring. When the water level stabilizes, it is worth exploring the karst caves or taking a river cruise. Canoeing and kayaking, fishing are popular. Disembark in St. Louis to see the Gateway Arch and take a tram ride.

Climate of the Spring Months

Max average t°: 56 °F (+13 °C)
Min average t°: 36 °F (+2 °C)
Sundial in the day: 7 hours
Rainy days: 7 days
Precipitation: 3.3" (84 mm)
Max average t°: 67 °F (+19.5 °C)
Min average t°: 48 °F (+9 °C)
Sundial in the day: 8 hours
Rainy days: 8 days
Precipitation: 5.0" (127 mm)
Max average t°: 76 °F (+24 °C)
Min average t°: 58 °F (+14 °C)
Sundial in the day: 9.5 hours
Rainy days: 10 days
Precipitation: 5.7" (145 mm)

(Kansas City)

Spring Holidays

March 1st: National Women of Color Day.
March 17: St.Patrick 's Day.

April 1: April Fools' Day.
April 22: International Earth Day.

May 8: Truman Day
2nd Sunday of May: Mother’s Day.
last Monday in May: Memorial Day.

Summer in Missouri

Summers in Missouri are long, warm and humid. Average daytime temperatures are around 73-76 °F (+23 °C). On some days in mid-summer, the thermometer can go up to 100 ° F. Many sunny days, however, the weather can change dramatically. Keep a raincoat close at hand.

In the summer, the entertainment that began in the spring continues - river walks, fishing, hiking. Many tourists flock to state parks. There is a high probability of strong winds during the day. This time is best spent in a museum, art gallery or exhibition. If you are looking for a beach, you will find it on the banks of a lake or river.

Climate of the Summer Months

Max average t°: 85 °F (+29 °C)
Min average t°: 67 °F (+20 °C)
Sundial in the day: 11 hours
Rainy days: 9 days
Precipitation: 5.7" (134 mm)
Max average t°: 89 °F (+32 °C)
Min average t°: 72 °F (+22 °C)
Sundial in the day: 11.5 hours
Rainy days: 7 days
Precipitation: 3.7" (95 mm)
Max average t°: 88 °F (+31 °C)
Min average t°: 71 °F (+21 °C)
Sundial in the day: 10 hours
Rainy days: 7 days
Precipitation: 3.8" (96 mm)

(Kansas City)

Summer Holidays

June 14: Day of the American flag.
June 19: Juneteenth National Independence Day.
Third Sunday of June: Father’s Day.

July 4: Independence Day.
August 26: Women's Equality Day.

Autumn in Missouri

The closer the winter, the less rainfall in Missouri. September is characterized by almost summer temperatures. It gets cooler in October. Average temperatures are 56 °F (+13 °C). A few degrees cooler at night. Tropical cyclones are occasionally possible. Regardless, autumn in Missouri is a truly beautiful and enjoyable time of the year.

Missouri is home to many historic landmarks. Some of the most interesting are the Mark Twain House and Cave. In St. Louis, you can see the giant Gateway Arch - a symbol of the border between West and East. Those who wish can take the elevator to the very top of the arch. Families with children should visit Arcada City or White Water Water Park.

Climate of the Autumn Months

Max average t°: 80 °F (+27 °C)
Min average t°: 62 °F (+17 °C)
Sundial in the day: 9 hours
Rainy days: 6 days
Precipitation: 3.7" (94 mm)
Max average t°: 67 °F (+19.5 °C)
Min average t°: 52 °F (+10 °C)
Sundial in the day: 8 hours
Rainy days: 6 days
Precipitation: 3.4" (87 mm)
Max average t°: 55 °F (+12.5 °C)
Min average t°: 39 °F (+4 °C)
Sundial in the day: 7 hours
Rainy days: 5 days
Precipitation: 2.6" (65 mm)

(Kansas City)

Autumn Holidays

1st Monday in September: Labor Day.

2nd Monday in October: Columbus Day.
October 31: Halloween (All Hallows' Eve).

November 11: Veterans Day.
4th Thursday in November: Thanksgiving Day.

Winter in Missouri

Missouri's mild winters can be a surprise. Average temperatures from December to February are moderate, around 26-29 °F (-2 °C). In the early 20th century, the state recorded a temperature record of -40 °F (+4 °C). Winter rainfall is much less than spring and summer. A blizzard can be brought by north-westerly winds.

Missouri has its own Kansas City. It is located across the river from Kansas City in Kansas. One of the largest cities in the state has plenty of winter activities to offer. True, the famous fountains do not work in winter, but museums, shopping and art galleries are open.

Climate of the Winter Months

Max average t°: 42 °F (+6 °C)
Min average t°: 28 °F (-2.5 °C)
Sundial in the day: 6 hours
Rainy days: 5 days
Precipitation: 2.0" (50 mm)
Max average t°: 40 °F (+4 °C)
Min average t°: 23 °F (-5 °C)
Sundial in the day: 6 hours
Rainy days: 5 days
Precipitation: 1.5" (39 mm)
Max average t°: 44 °F ( +7 °C)
Min average t°: 25 °F (-3 °C)
Sundial in the day: 7 hours
Rainy days: 5 days
Precipitation: 2.1" (53 mm)

(Kansas City)

Winter Holidays

December 25: Christmas Day.

January 1: New Year’s Day.
3rd Monday in January: Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.

February 12: Lincoln Day
February 14: St. Valentine's Day.
3rd Monday in February: Washington’s Birthday.