Seasons in Chicago

The city lies within the zone of moderate continental climate thus season are pronounced here. However movement of air masses from the Michigan Lake makes weather tricky. Winters are rather cold with frequent snow. Average temperature of the season is about 30 °F (-1 °C) but due to high humidity it may seem colder. Moreover there are occasional snowfalls and severe cold with -4 °F (-20 °C).

And summer is long and hot with range of average temperature between 73-82 °F (+23 and +28 °C) with occasional leaps up to 95 °F (+35 °C). It is the rainiest season with short torrential showers and thunderstorms. Thus late spring as well as late autumn is the best time to visit Chicago.



Spring in Chicago

Tone of weather of spring in Chicago is set by collision of warm inland air masses and cold air blown from above the Michigan Lake. Such collision results high cloudiness of the season. When density of clouds reaches certain point moist is fall as precipitation.

Regarding given above spring in Chicago is windy, cool and rather rainy. Average temperature gradually rises from 37 °F (+3 °C) at March to 59 °F (+15 °C) at May. At March and April weather may seem colder due to mentioned movement of air masses. However April and May are good time to visit the city for it is time of blossom in numerous parks and gardens.

Climate of the Spring Months

Max average t°: 45 °F (+7 °C)
Min average t°: 29 °F (-1.5 °C)
Water t°:37 °F (+3 °C)
Sundial in the day: 6 hours
Rainy days: 11 days
Precipitation: 2.7" (68 mm)
Max average t°: 58 °F (+14.5 °C)
Min average t°: 39 °F (+4 °C)
Water t°: 37 °F (+3 °C)
Sundial in the day: 7 hours
Rainy days: 11 days
Precipitation: 3.7" (95 mm)
Max average t°: 70 °F (+21 °C)
Min average t°: 49 °F (+9.5 °C)
Water t°: 43 °F (+6 °C)
Sundial in the day: 9 hours
Rainy days: 11 days
Precipitation: 3.4" (85 mm)

Spring Holidays

March-April – Easter celebrations and Chicago Improv Festival.

April – Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo.

May – Mayfest Chicago.

Summer in Chicago

Chicago is called “City of winds” for reason. At summer air temperature of is between 68-73 °F (+20 and +23 °C). It is warmer in city thus cooler and denser air from above the lake causes frequent light breeze. This is convenient feature especially when temperature rises to 95 °F (+35 °C).

Precipitation is especially frequent at August when monthly average amount of it reaches 4.9” (125 mm). Oddly enough evaporating waters of the lake aren’t increasing precipitation. In fact situation is quite opposite. The lake affects humidity yet limits precipitation.

Climate of the Summer Months

Max average t°: 80 °F (+26.5 °C)
Min average t°: 59 °F (+15 °C)
Water t°: 54 °F (+12 °C)
Sundial in the day: 10.5 hours
Rainy days: 10 days
Precipitation: 3.8" (98 mm)
Max average t°: 84 °F (+29 °C)
Min average t°: 65 °F (+18 °C)
Water t°: 66 °F (+19 °C)
Sundial in the day: 10 hours
Rainy days: 10 days
Precipitation: 3.9" (100 mm)
Max average t°: 82 °F (+28 °C)
Min average t°: 63 °F (+17 °C)
Water t°: 70 °F (+21 °C)
Sundial in the day: 9 hours
Rainy days: 9 days
Precipitation: 3,9" (100 mm)

Summer Holidays

June - Do Division Street Fest & Sidewalk Sale; Chicago Blues Festival; Gay Pride Chicago.

July - Taste of Chicago; Square Roots Festival.

August - Chicago Air and Water Show; Lollapalooza.

August-September - Chicago Fringe Festival.

Autumn in Chicago

At autumn role of the Michigan Lake in forming weather of the city is opposite. Significant body of water cools down slower than inland regions keep shores warmer. Thus fall is favorite season for many locals. Also this is reason for September-October to be most popular time to visit the city.

Pleasant averages of 64 °F (+18 °C) and 52 °F (+11 °C) of September and October respectively are combined with lesser probability of storm and create perfect condition for all kinds of available entertainment. However at November average drops to about 41 °F (+5 °C) predicting approach of cold winter.

Climate of the Autumn Months

Max average t°: 75 °F (+24 °C)
Min average t°: 55 °F (+13 °C)
Water t°: 66 °F (+19 °C)
Sundial in the day: 7.5 hours
Rainy days: 8 days
Precipitation: 3.5" (58 mm)
Max average t°: 64 °F (+17.5 °C)
Min average t°: 44 °F (+7 °C)
Water t°: 57 °F (+14 °C)
Sundial in the day: 6 hours
Rainy days: 10 days
Precipitation: 2.6" (65 mm)
Max average t°: 48 °F (+9 °C)
Min average t°: 33 °F (+1 °C)
Water t°: 48 °F (+9 °C)
Sundial in the day: 4 hours
Rainy days: 11 days
Precipitation: 2.8" (72 mm)

Autumn Holidays

September – Chicago Jazz Festival; Oktoberfest Chicago; Hyde Park Jazz Festival.

October – Chicago International Film Festival; Bank of America Chicago Marathon.

November – The Magnificent Mile Lights Festival; McDonald's Thanksgiving Parade.

Winter in Chicago

Winter in the City of winds is snowy. Not as snowy as Syracuse is. Annual amount of snow in Chicago is about 37" (940 mm) comparing to Syracuse’s 118" ( 3000 mm). Most of it falls through winter months when cold north and north-eastern winds are picking moist of the Michigan Lake.

Average temperatures of December and February are around 28 °F (-2 °C) while at January, the coldest month of a year, it is 23 °F (-5 °C) with occasional drops to 14 °F (-10 °C). Considering given above winter visit to Chicago wouldn’t be pleasant at least in terms of weather.

Climate of the Winter Months

Max average t°: 35 °F (+2 °C)
Min average t°: 22 °F (-6 °C)
Water t°: 41 °F (+5 °C)
Sundial in the day: 3.5 hours
Snowy days: 7 days
Precipitation: 2.5" (64 mm)
Max average t°: 31 °F (-1 °C)
Min average t°: 16 °F (-9 °C)
Water t°: 39 °F (+4 °C)
Sundial in the day: 4.5 hours
Snowy days: 8 days
Precipitation: 1.7" (44 mm)
Max average t°: 35 °F (+1.5 °C)
Min average t°: 20 °F (-7 °C)
Water t°: 37 °F (+3 °C)
Sundial in the day: 5 hours
Snowy days: 5 days
Precipitation: 1.9" (48 mm)

Winter Holidays

December – Christkindlmarket Chicago.

December-January - Fifth Third Bank Winter WonderFest.

February - Chicago Auto Show.