Seasons in Connecticut

Connecticut is one of the richest states in the United States. It is located in the northeastern United States. The largest American river Connecticut passes through the territory. Agriculture is well developed in the northeast. Most cities are located in the southwest of the state.

An important imprint on the climate is made by the long coastline with access to the waters of the Atlantic. It has a temperate continental humid climate. Storms and hurricanes are likely, tornadoes happen once a year. It is the warmest and southernmost state in the New England region. 



Spring in Connecticut

Spring in Connecticut is humid and mild. The temperature gradually rises to 60-62 °F (+15..+17 °C). It gets warm already in April-May. Precipitation falls evenly throughout the year, so intermittent rain is likely. There are thunderstorms.

The tourist season in Connecticut is not closing. In the spring, it's time to visit the national parks. The most interesting is the Weir Farm National Historical Park. It is located near the town of Wilton. The park is famous for the fact that the American artist Julian Alden Weir lived in this place. The second name of the park is Weir Farm. In Hartford, tourists can visit the home of the writer Mark Twain and see the world's first submarine, the Nautilus. This is the symbol of the state of Connecticut.

Climate of the Spring Months

Max average t°: 46 °F (+7.5 °C)
Min average t°: 32 °F (0 °C)
Sundial in the day: 7.5 hours
Rainy days: 7 days
Precipitation: 4.6" (117 mm)
Max average t°: 57 °F (+14 °C)
Min average t°: 42 °F (+5.5 °C)
Sundial in the day: 8 hours
Rainy days: 8 days
Precipitation: 4.2" (106 mm)
Max average t°: 67 °F (+19 °C)
Min average t°: 54 °F (+11 °C)
Sundial in the day: 8.5 hours
Rainy days: 9 days
Precipitation: 3.9" (98 mm)


Spring Holidays

March 1st: National Women of Color Day.
March 17: St.Patrick 's Day.

3rd Monday in April: Patriot’s Day
April 22: International Earth Day.

2nd Sunday of May: Mother’s Day.
last Monday in May: Memorial Day or Decoration Day.

Summer in Connecticut

The proximity of the Atlantic makes Connecticut's summers warm and humid. The temperature is kept within 66-77 °F (+16..+25 °C). It can be hot in July - 87 °F (+31 °C). Tropical storms happen. The state is located within the Atlantic Lowlands. This determines its humid continental climate. Warm rains and winds often come from the ocean.

In summer, we recommend visiting the fishing village of Stonington. Here you will find the old Lighthouse Museum and numerous aquarium shops. State cities show you the real New England. You should just walk along the streets, see old churches, houses that are examples of the colonial style. There are excellent sandy beaches in the south of the state.

Climate of the Summer Months

Max average t°: 76 °F (+24 °C)
Min average t°: 62 °F (+17 °C)
Sundial in the day: 10 hours
Rainy days: 8 days
Precipitation: 4" (102 mm)
Max average t°: 82 °F (+27.5 °C)
Min average t°: 68 °F (+20 °C)
Sundial in the day: 11 hours
Rainy days: 8 days
Precipitation: 3.5" (90 mm)
Max average t°: 80 °F (+27 °C)
Min average t°: 68 °F (+20 °C)
Sundial in the day: 9.5 hours
Rainy days: 8 days
Precipitation: 4.4" (112 mm)


Summer Holidays

June 14: Day of the American flag.
June 19: Juneteenth National Independence Day.
Third Sunday of June: Father’s Day.

July 4: Independence Day.
August 26: Women's Equality Day.

Autumn in Connecticut

The heat subsides in Connecticut in the fall. The temperature in October is around 55-60 °F (+13..+16 °C). Not hot, but not cold either. Great time for long walks, street parades and harvest festivals. In November it can get colder, occasionally it rains with snow.

Particularly popular is the Appalachian Trail, a hiking trail along the mountain system. Travel all of Connecticut from the Maine border to Georgia. The route runs west of the Hausatonic River. The second attraction is the New England Trail. Its length is 214mi (346 km). It runs from south to north. You will see the Valley of the Pioneers, the Metakomet mountains.

Climate of the Autumn Months

Max average t°: 73 °F (+23 °C)
Min average t°: 62 °F (+17 °C)
Sundial in the day: 8 hours
Rainy days: 7 days
Precipitation: 4.1" (104 mm)
Max average t°: 62 °F (+17 °C)
Min average t°: 51 °F (+11 °C)
Sundial in the day: 7 hours
Rainy days: 7 days
Precipitation: 4.6" (116 mm)
Max average t°: 52 °F (+11 °C)
Min average t°: 41 °F (+5 °C)
Sundial in the day: 6.5 hours
Rainy days: 7 days
Precipitation: 3.7" (94 mm)


Autumn Holidays

1st Monday in September: Labor Day.

2nd Monday in October: Columbus Day.
October 31: Halloween (All Hallows' Eve)

November 11: Veterans Day.
4th Thursday in November: Thanksgiving Day.

Winter in Connecticut

Connecticut has cool winters. A lot of snow falls. Hurricanes are likely. Temperature
varies from 23 to 37 °F (-5 to +3 °C). In January, a temperature drop of up to 17 °F (-8 °C) is possible. Snow can turn into a blizzard. The coast is a little warmer, here the climate can be described as subtropical. You can expect a hurricane coming from the Atlantic.

Winter is the best time to visit museums. The First Church of Christ is worth seeing. The Yale University Art Gallery has an excellent collection. We recommend visiting the Château Gilets, the Capitol, Port Mystic and the rare books library.

Climate of the Winter Months

Max average t°: 42 °F (+5.5 °C)
Min average t°: 32 °F (0 °C)
Sundial in the day: 5.5 hours
Snowy days: 8 days
Precipitation: 4.8" (122 mm)
Max average t°: 36 °F (+2.5 °C)
Min average t°: 25 °F (-4 °C)
Sundial in the day: 6 hours
Snowy days: 7 days
Precipitation: 4" (102 mm)
Max average t°: 39 °F ( +4 °C)
Min average t°: 26 °F (-3 °C)
Sundial in the day: 7 hours
Snowy days: 7 days
Precipitation: 3.5" (88 mm)


Winter Holidays

December 25: Christmas Day.

January 1: New Year’s Day.
3rd Monday in January: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

February 12: Lincoln Day
February 14: St. Valentine's Day.
3rd Monday in February: Washington’s Birthday.

Any day appointed or recommended by the Governor of Connecticut or the President of the United States as a day of thanksgiving, fasting or religious observance.