Southeast Asia

Seasons in Malaysia

Malaysia is a country that is different from other States in the region a unique combination of exotic, ancient culture and the highest level of development. This is the second after Singapore is the most economically developed and clean country in the region. There are: the tallest building in the world Petronas towers, the third tallest TV tower in the world, the biggest mosque in Asia, the third longest bridge in the world, the richest on the submitted specimens Underwater world (Aquarium) and much more.

Seasons in Thailand

Thailand is a beautiful warm country, where you can relax all year round. Of course, here too, there are the vagaries of nature, however the temperature never drops below freezing, but tropical downpours can survive in Pattaya, Bangkok or in the Northern provinces. So everyone can relax in Thailand at any time, given the characteristics of climate in different districts and cities.

Seasons in Indonesia

Indonesia is the largest insular state in the world and the largest country in Southeast Asia..

This mysterious country, where You will find everything you need for a wonderful and exciting leisure: mild tropical climate, unspoilt nature, remote villages where lifestyles have not changed for the last centuries, the beaches of fine white sand and crystal clear waters, luxury hotels, buried in verdure of gardens.