North Africa

Seasons in Egypt

Egypt lies in two climatic zones. Coasts of the Mediterranean Sea have subtropical weather conditions and the rest of territory is in arid zone. The country is considered as suitable for tourism year round but with less and more comfortable periods.

Seasons in Tunisia

Tunisia is stretched from north to south. Such configuration forms variety of climatic conditions of the country. North part of the country is in the area of tropical climate while central and southern regions lie in the zone of arid climate.

Seasons in Algeria

The climate of Algeria in the northern part of the country is subtropical Mediterranean, in the central and southern parts of the country it’s a tropical desert. Algeria is the largest country on the African continent, 80% of which is occupied by the largest desert on earth - the Sahara. The length of the coastline of Algeria is quite impressive too - as much as 998 km.

Seasons in Morocco

Morocco is former French colony located between Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea and Atlas mountains on north-west of Africa. Diversity of weather conditions of Morocco is undeniable and is the result of geographic features of the location. Weather is formed by cold Atlantic currents, impact of the Sahara desert and mountains. So specific weather is depending on certain location in Morocco.

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