East Africa

Seasons in Tanzania

Tanzania is located close to equator in South Hemisphere, hence its’ climate have two main features. First: minor changes of temperature through a year and second: seasons here are kind of reversed at least from prospective of moderate climate zone of North Hemisphere.

Seasons in Kenya

Kenya is the land of “eternal” African summer. The country is crossed by equator so climate here is rather stable with minor seasonal changes. Yet formally there is two rainy seasons. First, “season of long rains” lasts from April to June and the other one, “season of short showers”, is between October and December. However precipitation is possible even at the driest time. Usually rains occur at noon or late evening.

Seasons in Uganda

The country is located near to equator however there’s no excessive heat. The climate is softened by relatively high altitude and influence of big bodies of water. Thus annual range of temperatures is narrow. Averages of January, the warmest month, are 17 °C to 24 °C (63-75 °F) while at July temperature hovers between 16 °C and 21 °C (61-70 °F). In alpine regions winter temperatures may go below 0 °C (32 °F). Highest mountains have ice caps.

Seasons in Ethiopia

Whole territory of Ethiopia is located in equatorial and subequatorial climate zones however altitude variety brings some features to weather conditions of the country. For example in Ethiopian Highlands average daytime temperature is in range between 25 and 30 °C (77-86 °F) year-round and there is significant amount of precipitation.

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