Central Asia

Seasons in Afghanistan

The country has subtropical continental climate with significant differences across its territory. Annual and daily temperature ranges are wide too. Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan is located on 1830 m a.s.l (6000 ft.a.s.l.) thus it has warm summers and cool winters with annual averages between 25 and -4 °C (77-25 °F). In Jalalabad (550 m; 1880 ft. a.s.l.) weather is almost subtropical with 30 °C (86 °F) at June and 2 °C at January (36 °F) with minimums at -20 °C (-4 °F). While in Kandahar (1070 m; 3500 ft. a.s.l.) climate is milder and more humid.

Seasons in Turkmenistan

It is continental type of climate in Turkmenistan. Droughts are typical for the country. The temperature amplitude ranges from -22 °F to 122 °F.leve of precipitations in the north and east areas is 80 mm per year, in mountain regions up to 500 mm.

Seasons in Uzbekistan

There is a continental type of climate in Uzbekistan with cold winters and hot summers. Average level of precipitation per year is 100 mm and in the north-west is 800 mm in the Tashkent region. The main part of precipitations falls in winter and spring. Except the highlands areas, where the air temperature is lower, snowfalls can be observed very rare.

Seasons in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is the land with age-old history and peculiar customs. Variety of traditions is accompanied by rich flora and fauna, natural sights and spectacular landscapes. In same manner climate of the country is diverse too. Yet main features across all regions allow considering it as continental. Long cold winter is in contrast with dry hot summer.

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