Change of Day/Night

Change the Time of Day

Frequently required for everyday life term nychthemeron serves for description of the time cycle during which the Sun rising up from the Orient transits across the sky sets onto the West. The end of luminary travelling means coming night on the Earth. Over a period of it the Sun-star is passing the other side of our planet and ready to appear on the East again.

Change of Seasons

Change of Seasons

The well known division of a year consists of summer when the daylight period is the mostly long-continued and the sun raises high on horizon; winter with the famous shortness of day time and long nocturne hours; two demi-saisons such as spring and summer which serve to be kind of a pass between the main annual stages.
Vivid imagination in full measure the picture of these metamorphoses, it is well worth to describe how the terrestrial globe moves in the space.

Seasons and Weather

Awaking all biological process in the nature in a view of pouring shower rains on the ground, making ready the flora, the forest, plants for growth in summer, the spring plays the key role. The most common spring meteorological phenomena are exemplified by snow melting, flooding, and budding on the trees and the bushes, as well as not surprising to observe the first thunderstorm.

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