North America

America is two continents North and South America. As well as her concern and closely spaced islands. The climate of the North American continent, from the Arctic in the north to subequatorial in the central part, near the ocean coasts and continental inland. South America for the most part of the continent to the South Pole, where the tropical climate.

Seasons in Canada

In the world, Canada is the second largest country after Russia. And its huge territory defines big climate diversity in the country. Also, Canada’s relief features seriously affect temperature drops.

Seasons in USA

United States of America is a huge country with a great variety of climatic conditions. Heading from north to south or from west to east of country one can face both severe frosts and debilitating heat.

Seasons in Cuba

One of the most attractive countries of the modern world, where eternal summer reigns, the socialist nature reserve with an incredibly colourful people, the birthplace of the world's best tobacco and rum – Cuba is an island state, part of the greater Antilles, is located in the Northern part of the Caribbean sea, being separated from North America by the Florida Straits.